BM Impianti installs the latest generation of water heaters, designed and manufactured to provide you with high performance and maximum energy savings. Our warm water heaters come with the new Eco system, which optimizes fuel consumption and reduces costs. If you are looking for the best comfort at an affordable price, the Ariston water heater is the right solution for you.

The water heater that is being proposed starts with an accumulating capacity of 80 liters (suitable for 2 people) up to 300 liters (suitable for 5-6 people) and can be of two types:

– MONOBLOCK: with external unit built into the internal one, where it is necessary to connect the machine to the outside with an air exchange pipe;

– SPILT: With external unit separated from the inner one that will be smaller.

Based on various factors BM Impianti, through its technicians and specialized engineers, will advise you to install a Monobloc or Split water heater, as well as to advise you the right size according to your habits (80-110-200-240-300 liters )


The air is filled with heat, a free and renewable energy coming from the sun’s warming. The PDC Warmers can extract clean energy from the air and use it to heat the water by consuming only 30% of the electricity needed by a traditional hot water heater and allowing energy savings (and therefore billing) up to 75%. They can therefore be considered a green alternative among the cheapest for domestic hot water production.

Just as in the operation of the heat pump for home heating, even hot water heat pumps utilize a refrigerant fluid that, through state changes (liquid – gas and gas – liquid) and compression and expansion cycle, are able to extract l ‘Energy contained in the air from the outside environment and transfer it to the water. The electricity consumed by a heat pump water heater is only needed to activate the fan to capture the air and the compressor that has the task of moving the refrigerant fluid into the circuit. As is clear, electricity is not invested directly in heat production, as is the case for the most energy-efficient traditional electric water heaters.



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