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Anti-theft and security systems

To all those who wish to increase the safety of their home or their company we offer our service design and installation of anti-theft, we offer reliability and quality and we guarantee complete and secure protection for any type of home, from a single-home to a condominium context.
Our staff will effect an inspection of your home to assess your security needs and the place where locate the implant. This way you can choose the best security system for different needs.

BM IMPIANTI is a partner Protect. PROTECT is a Danish multinational that produces and distributes worldwide the innovative and technological Fog Cannons of security. In 2008 PROTECT arrives in Italy and its systems will reveal the only technology capable of reducing up to 95% damage theft. In the delicate phase of installation of its products to Protect relies exclusively to Professional installers selected and certified; our company, thanks to the professionalism and to the ‘reliability of our staff, is a partner certified installer Protect of central Italy. The Protect systems are a practical response to thefts and robberies and they can foil 100% of intrusion attempts.

CCTV Videocontrol

The need for greater security is now more and more request not only by large companies, banks or the public bodies, but also from small and medium enterprises, from business of public facilities and residential. A great solution to ensure full protection against theft is to install a video surveillance system CCTV in homes and offices. These systems, in fact, allow to continuously monitor the flows of input and output from the buildings by preventing effectively the bad intrusions.

Our company designs and installs CCTV surveillance with the most sophisticated equipment, using for the construction of our implants, only the most modern technological resources, implemented and supported by the extensive experience of our technical staff.

Our applications satisfy small structures and large buildings; all implants are designed and dimensioned according to the actual needs of the place, so as to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimal investment.

Video Entry

The Installations of audio and video entry systems have grown hand in hand with the development of ‘housing and are increasingly characterized by cutting-edge technology that is designed to match the aesthetics and functionality.

Our company provides and installs a wide range of audio and video entry systems with unique design and all characterized by an innovative technology that combines high performance, ease of installation and use. Our systems meet different needs, from the inserting in single-family houses, to large residential complexes.


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