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What does it mean “Relamping” word?

Our “relamping” service indicates the replacement of all the traditional lamps, halogen or incandescent lamps with LED tecnology, which can bring down energy waste. The replacement of illuminants inefficient occurs without any intervention on already existing implant. It is simply to replace the traditional lamp with a new technology that provides energy with less wasted,   and longer life: LED TECHNOLOGY

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What is the operating lease?

The operating lease is a financial transaction in the medium and long term, suitable for all customers who need installing any new lighting system with LED lamps of new generation energy saving, without having to buy them.

Why choose the operating lease?

The operating lease allows you to follow the technological innovation and stay up to date based on the actual business needs by eliminating all fiscal, accounting and legal problems.

What are the advantages of the operating lease?

The operating lease combines the benefit of the deferred payment over time, allowing the customer to adapt the lamps according to their needs, also provides abbreviated amortization of property, no risk of obsolescence against him and of course a more precise planning of business costs .

What is included in the formula for operating lease?

The Customer, by signing a single contract, guarantee the availability:

  • the installation of a new lighting, adequate and efficient
  • the technical service
  • the supplies of lamps and of all spare parts

What happens at the end of the rental agreement?

At the end of the rental, customer has the right to choose of:

  • replace the equipment with a new product
  • extend the rental, maintaining the equipment at a reduced rent
  • solve the contract and hold the lamps


Throughout the period the leased assets are used with the guarantee of the insurance policy (All-Risk)



  • Maintenance of corporate liquidity
  • Possibility to rent a multitude of products
  • Rental duration customizable
  • Assets out budgets
  • Tax benefits (income fully deductible)
  • No reporting to the central bank risks (no reduction in borrowing capacity)
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