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Photovoltaic and storage

BM IMPIANTI, designs and realises photovoltaic systems both in civil and industrial sectors, small or great powers. The company has been focused on the production of electricity from solar energy and was one of the first companies in Italy to build photovoltaic plants. Thanks to its twenty years of experience, his professionalism and the availability of an experienced team of Engineers and surveyors, BM Appliances has become a leader in this area boasting numerous thick clients.

The proposal of BM Impianti is structured from a careful analysis of the needs of the customer to which follows an inspection to locate all the elements, constraints and opportunities for the maximum efficiency of the plant.

Services include:

 – the evaluation of the photovoltaic plant feasibility
 – financial analysis of the efficiency of the plant and of return and investment parameters (Business Plan)
 – accurate system design for maximum performance
 – the realization of system with certified products and quality
 – the permits for connection to the national grid
 – after sales maintenance service

A photovoltaic system is always convenient, despite the incentives of the Energy Bill are terminated. In fact, exploiting the “exchange on the spot” and sizing the implant on the real daily consumption, thus focusing on selfconsumption, it is possible to bring down significantly the costs. The incentives for the realization of a plant there are both private and for the company and the economic result even exceeds the convenience of the photovoltaic with incentives:

PRIVATE: tax deductions at 50%
COMPANY: super-depreciation to 140%


A well-designed photovoltaic system and well-built brings numerous advantages:

1 -It allows you to save electricity and be more energy independent;
2 -It ‘sa smart investment;
3 – Current costs of realization of a photovoltaic system are very low and advantageous;
4 -The payback is estimated at five years;
5 – The cost of electricity is increasing every year and will tend to increase more and more;
6 – The electricity produced by a photovoltaic system is therefore clean and renewable;
7 – The reduction of CO2 in the environment and then inputs of pollutants;
8 – All materials of a photovoltaic system only recyclable “plastic, glass, aluminum, steel and silicon cells”;
9 – In the coming years will be possible charge your vehicles with electricity generated by your PV system;
10 – The systems will be equipped with storage battery and make you even more independent.

The quality achieved by BM Impianti, is evidenced by the achievement of the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

BM Impianti also boasts the SOA certification for OG9 categories OG10 and OS30 through continuous collaboration with organizations and governments.

BM Impianti has realized a photovoltaic plant from 46kW in its seat, for its complete energy autonomy and respect for the environment.

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