The performance of photovoltaic systems are increasing and is growing the savings.

fotovoltaico 2017 bm impianti

In 2017 in addition to the low cost of implant, which decreased by approximately 60% compared to the launch of photovoltaics in Italy, the latest generation panels offer greater energy efficiency in space and time, because a panel produces more and to more years.

Other innovations that increase energy and cost savings are:

– New integrated inverters with accumulations that let you save and use the energy not consumed when the implant not work, for example at night.

– The use of optimizers, or smart devices that increase system efficiency by 20-25%

– Connect the photovoltaic with heat pump, in order to produce hot water, heating and summer cooling.

So why ask for a quote now?

Because the 50% deduction is still valid and because from 2018 will end the protected market of energy bills.

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