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BM Impianti has now achieved over ten years experience in the production of photovoltaic industrial plants with more than 120 installations and a total power of more than 20 MWp (20,000 kWp).

The quality achieved, contemplated in the continuous, capillary and scrupulous improvement of the wide range of products and services, is proven by the achievement of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification.

BM Impianti also has SOA certificate holdings for OG9, OG10 and OS30 categories thanks to continued collaboration with public authorities and public administrations.

The proposal is structured based on a careful analysis of the customer’s needs, followed by an inspection to identify all the elements, constraints and opportunities for maximum plant performance.

The services offered include:

– The feasibility of the photovoltaic system
– Financial performance analysis of the plant and return and investment parameters (Business Plan)
– Accurate implant design to achieve maximum performance
– Propose you a “Keys in hand” implant with certified and quality products
– The authorization procedures for connection to the national grid
– After-sales service

FTV Industriale BM IMPIANTI Referenze
Businesses from 2016 and 2017 can benefit from the super-amortization of 140% through the 4 / E Revenue Agency Circular.

In particular, the circular indicates that the plant components, including photovoltaic panels, can be depreciated by the 9% coefficient provided for in Circular 36 / E / 2013 for mobile assets and hence on the application of all the requirements of the law.



Most companies consume energy during light hours when photovoltaic is active and therefore produces free electricity. This is the best condition as the energy produced can be instantly used, taking full advantage of the plant and making the most of the investment.

The cost of electricity is rising and energy consumption costs are becoming more and more significant and aggravate budgets. Consuming a lot of electricity during the day and not having a support photovoltaic can prove to be an economically wrong choice, especially now that you can cushion the system cost to 140% with the super amortization and benefit from self-consumption and energy exchange up to 500 kWp .

So what does it mean for a company to install and invest on a photovoltaic plant today?

It makes it possible to reduce the cost of electricity bill by up to 75%, producing autonomously and free of charge the electricity it needs.

Is it better now or was it be better to realize a photovoltaic plant in your company before 2017?

Certainly it is better now. A photovoltaic plant is always convenient, even though energy incentives have been completed. In fact, by leveraging the “energy exchange” and dimensioning the plant on actual daily consumption, then targeting self-consumption can significantly reduce your bill. The benefits of the realization and the economic result exceed even the convenience of the incentive systems with the various Energy Accounts:

BEFORE: at the time of the GSE state incentive the plant cost 2 to 3 times more than the current price and the cost of the investment was around 7/8 years.

NOW: The tax incentive of super-amortization at 140% combined with self-consumption allows us to speed up the investment return time that is now around 5/6.


BM Impianti since 1976, with its 40 years of business, and the quality of its services always aim at the choice of materials of excellence and that last over time. For this reason, one of the main partners of BM Impianti is SUNPOWER, the American leader of high efficiency photovoltaic modules since 1985 for over 30 years.

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