How to make productive Our photovoltaic system?

According to the EU, the energy produced by the photovoltaic will be the cheapest source of 28 member states, by 2030.
This means that the annual assistence for the photovoltaic plant management is the main action to be considered to ensure that the system always works in good conditions.
The lack of information or maintenance brings dangerous consequences for those who have invested in renewable energy, which can impact on investment, introducing the risk of not returning “of the initial expense” in due time. So it is possible to make the appropriate necessary technical evaluations, such as:
• audits of returns
• verification of any malfunctions (defective) plant
• checks on whether or not the maintenance / cleaning
• maintenance audits in line with initial project data on yield proposed.
BM Impianti has a unique and innovative, simple and definitive assistence system, to give clear and precise answers to the many end users not too expensive.
Specifically, without installation of equipment, we propose to periodically send the following information:
• Monthly report of the yield of your photovoltaic system last month and the last 12 months;
• Monthly analysis of energy production produced, based on the actual WEATHER;
• Monthly monitoring of the regularity of the incentives and payments by the GSE;
• warning in case of manufacturing defects and / or payments of the last 12 months of production;
• control of consumption and savings;

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