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After over 10 years of experience and work in the renewable energy sector, we have right now developed extensive expertise and professionalism in the maintenance of photovoltaic systems, with more than 30 megawatts and 100 facilities under management, one of the most reputable companies as maintainers of plants PV.
The periodic comparison from the actual production of the plant with the project estimates, is essential in order to the investment return in proper time. The photovoltaic system, which in fact is an electrical system, requires high skills in electrical engineering sector, a sector where we are leaders from more than 40 years. Our technicians possess outstanding knowledge in the field of information and conduct of paperwork necessary for a perfect diagnosis of system. Our reports will then be developed with great care and attention at all components of the PV system.

Manutenzione fotovoltaico BM Impianti

According to the AEEG Resolution 78/2016 of 22 December, it becomes mandatory the test of interface protection for higher power systems to 11.08 kWp. For lack of such tests can remove the INCENTIVE.
BM Impianti performs regulatory testing by releasing the test report and providing administrative and bureaucratic assitance for the completion of administrative requirements.

Thanks to the use of our thermographic instrument, we are able to immediately identify any damage and thus loss of production of photovoltaic panels, which are the most important point in the energy production chain. By absorbing photons and converting they in direct current (DC) play a key role in the operation of the plants. Without thermography, would be impossible to see with the naked eye many anomalies, such as the breaking of a bypass diode or power loss due to PID.

The company since 1976 has realized various types of systems, addressing several case of bureaucratic permissions. As for photovoltaic systems we interfaced with GSE, ENEL, AEEGSI and Customs Agency and other bodies, managing on behalf of our customers of all paperworks, deadlines and various communications. The continuous update in this matter allows us to be constantly in advance of any evasion practices, certifications or regulatory requirements.

The maintenance of a photovoltaic system means daily monitor the operation of the plant and intervene before any possible damage caused by weather conditions may arise. We offer our clients the annual maintenance contracts tailored exactly to the needs.


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