MAINTENANCE FACILITY - Impianti Elettrici BM Impianti


Scheduled maintenance, service of repairs, equipment and industrial machines …

Our technical assistance program provides regular scheduled maintenance, a service that allows you to secure the safety and function, to detect possible anomalies in advance and implement corrective actions for necessary extraordinary maintenance .

It ‘also MANDATORY for companies to make an annual maintenance of company electrical plant and to have a maintenance handbook.


BM Impianti, stipulation with companies an annual and biennial contract for audits, both visual and instrumentals.

The scheduled maintenances, allow company to work in complete safety and tranquility following the existing rules:

– DLS 81/2008 Article 80 Article 87

– “obligation to perform maintenance of electrical systems is enshrined in Decree 37/08, article 8, paragraph 2: …”;

– “the obligation for the employer to carry out regular maintenance is also recalled by the DPR 462/01 audit of the plant: …”;

– the obligation of maintenance in the workplace derives indirectly dall’art.2087 of the Civil Code …. ”

Finally, our service of Technical Assistance for industrial plants and machines, is carried out by specialized technical personnel which guarantees timely interventions in order to reduce the downtime.



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