LED lighting, how much?



Bulbs to LED technology guarantee high energy saving, but what is the cost to which I cope?

With mass production, the prices have become more affordable.

An LED bulb of the latest generation consumes less than 20% of a conventional bulb and delivers performance, such as duration and intensity, by far superior.

The transition to LED lighting can be done without major economic efforts, in fact, the cost savings on electricity bills in the short term it is able to fully repay the investment, then we can talk about lighting “ZERO COST”.

For what concerns the large investments, BM Impianti has for some time activated the “operating rental program” which consists in the deferred payment in time, and a series of fiscal advantages, so, also in the case of large commercial or industrial installations l ‘ investment pays for itself with the energy savings.

We can not estimate an accurate price for the transition from lighting conventional to LED lighting, because there are variables such as the type of lamp and technological performance that are valued in specified case study, but we can bring examples taking as reference model the market prices proposed, comparing with other types of lamps.

Tabella comparativa illuminazione LED BM Impianti

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