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KNX bus systems, management of Hotel, Conference Rooms, Sound system …

Better quality of life, comfort, greater security and tranquility, more efficiency and considerable savings in energy consumption, all this is possible thanks to the Home Automation and Building Automation.

Underlying these two concepts there is the home automation (Home Automation) and the automation of workspaces (Building Automation) through the integration of electronic devices, communication systems and control, which are found there, so you can control them through special interfaces.

The possible applications are many and all aimed at improving the efficiency and comfort of the home and of the workplace. With a home automation system, is possible, for example, with a single command, turn off the lights, lower the blinds and switch on the alarm when you leave the house. It can also make sure that when the system detects the opening of a window, the heating will turn off in the room, while avoiding waste of fuel.

BM Impianti, in addition to traditional systems, designs and installs home automation systems and building automation with the best reliability and design, giving customers the best solutions in order to have full control of the house or building, even remotely.

Gates, barriers, shutters, up and over doors, Doors …

The automation systems are simple and practical solutions, developed to improve our living quality and designed to offer maximum safety to us and to our home therefore avoiding the risks typical of non-automated implants.

Bm implants is specialized in the automation of various kinds (for gates, doors, barriers, bollards, up and over doors) for private customers, companies and public sector entities.

From the implementation of the offer “turnkey” all ‘after-sales service with spare parts always in stock, our staff is always in action on the side of the customer with competence, professionalism and courtesy.


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