Free Energy Resource, completely internal to Bm Appliances and followed by her leading expert and innovator Marco Mattioli, this division has been created to meet the needs of customers and embraces the Green Energy sector 360 °.

Energy efficiency

Thanks to a team of energy professionals, we offer a service of Energy Consulting professional and diversified according to the needs of each customer.

The counseling consists of several phases:

  • Analysis of needs and feasibility study aimed to identifying the performance of lower energy costs.
  • Analysis of the Aspects Economic, Financial and Technical aspect for the construction of power plants.

The aim of our consulting service is to drive each of our clients to a better and lower consumption, finding the most suitable way to get a good result concrete and tangible result for the customer satisfaction.

Renewable energy

Parallel sector of major importance for the company is that of photovoltaic and wind power plants where Bm Impianti has decided to invest heavily in terms of resources, training and market policies, in the fervent belief that the future economic development, with a view eco-compatibility, will depend increasingly on renewable energy.

The company offers systems on the formula of “turnkey”, providing consultancy, design, support, installation and testing of innovative systems as a function of energy saving and as environmental protection.

Our organization consists of highly qualified and with experience gained in the field of alternative energy.


Home automation and building automation

In addition to traditional systems, we project and install home automation systems and building automation with the best reliability and design, advising to the customers the best solutions in order to have full control of the house or building, even remotely.

Electric radiant heating systems

The radiant floor heating is a modern heating system consists of positioning, below the pavement, an electric coil inside which is inserted a heating cable with double electrical insulation that runs at a constant pitch along its entire dimension, in order to evenly distribute the heat inside of the room. This type of system ensures a constant temperature in the house during the day and the night. Combined with a photovoltaic system, it allows to lower cost than any other type of heating.