Even your energy bills with the summer heat go up?

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Air conditioner, fan, outdated appliances, irrigation pumps, they done grow your bills during the summer?old electrical systems had a major impact on the cost of your bill?

Paying attention to small details you can really save a lot.

First of all I recommend you call BM Impianti to make a free energy audit!

This will show you the actual energy needs of your home and if there are appliances or systems that consume irregularly.

An energy audit is a certification, then, BM Impianti will issue a report, after have brought lower consumption standards in your home.

To increase the energy savings you can install the LED bulbs, you can equip your home appliances of buttons on/off, and opt for high energy efficiency home automation systems. This allows you to get a great savings.

A further alternative for greater savings is the use of a photovoltaic system or a mini wind turbine. Solar and wind energy are proving to be a very good solution in recent times, thanks to the tax breaks and the costs really accessible to all !

Do not waste money unnecessarily, request your free quote! – 0721.899657

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