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Industrial, Civil, Commercial, implants of Medium Voltage, Public Lighting and Artistic …

Realization and maintenance of electrical high technology to both residential and industrial to service sector, public and private. Our highly qualified technical staff and aims to study for each client ad hoc projects, adapted to each need. We propose innovative solutions, in line with the criteria of environmental protection and reducing energy consumption.


Thanks to SOA certifications, we are able to participate in tenders for public companies, especially for contracts involving the design and construction of public lighting, architectural and monumental for enhancing artistic interior and exterior of churches, abbeys, castles and squares.

Each project for the construction of these plants, is created to make design and sophistication to the urban space shared, enhance the appearance, while offering solutions that meet regulations and characteristics of the subject of the lighting.

Data networks in cat. 5E, 6, 7, optical fiber, networking …

Structured cabling is a methodology for the establishment of telecommunications equipment (voice / data) inside buildings which has become necessary because of the increasing complexity of telephone systems and data networks. Our company deals with the design, implementation and maintenance of structured cabling to allow the integration of local area networks (LAN Cat.5e, 6, 7, fiber optic), wireless and voice transmission with the aid of PBX hybrids, to manage also new protocols over VoIP with analog PSTN and digital ISDN.

Fire detection

The main function of a fire detection system is undoubtedly to protect and safeguard the physical integrity of people and material goods. Thanks to electronic equipment that reveal and promptly reporting the presence of a fire, these systems warn of danger and allow to intervene at a moment when the fire is generally still insignificant.

Bm Impianti offers its customers a wide range of fire detection systems, also digital and conventional signaling system Wi-Fi with creations of graphic maps and interfacing with remote systems, to meet all needs. Particular attention is paid in environments such as schools and hospitals with regard to the signaling and the maintenance to constantly guarantee the efficiency of the system installed.

Access control

A good way to significantly improve the organization and management of staff is certainly the installation of a modern access control system. Access to restricted areas of the company, the human resources management, inventory control, are all issues that can be managed easily with monitoring systems, it can be particularly useful in the workplace especially large.

Bm Impianti offers and installs solutions for all types of access control: vehicular and / or pedestrian, external or internal, with different technologies (magnetic badges, proximity, remote controls, active and passive transponders) always paying close attention to the needs of ours companies clients.

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