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BM Impianti has always been attentive to the needs of the customer, offering various tailor-made solutions, even with respect to the payment that can be made in comfortable monthly rates. Today, in terms of photovoltaic systems, it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the consumption and family habits, and BM Impianti puts in place technicians and engineers to carry out this study by providing free energy advice and commitment.

Why do I have to install a Photovoltaic in my home?

There are the GSE incentive rates, 50% deduction and on-site exchange. If energy is well utilized, through day-to-day consumption, the photovoltaic allows you to earn and save money.

BM Impianti since 1976, with its 40 years of business, and the quality of its services aim at the choice of materials of excellence. For this reason, one of the main partners of BM Impianti is SUNPOWER, the American leader in high-efficiency photovoltaic modules since 1985 since over 30 years.

The choice of partners of historic importance in the market comes from the fact that a photovoltaic plant, whose life goes beyond 30 years, always needs to have a trusted company for the realization and maintenance, to contact any time and for any problematic of the plant.

sunpower t20

Here are some proposals from BM Impianti starting from 85 € / month, to be taken also in tax deduction at 50%:

Detrazione Fiscale 50

PEIMAR or LG photovoltaic modules
Inverter SMA

KIT “PLUS” 3 kWp
SUNPOWER photovoltaic modules
SOLAREDGE inverters with optimizers

In both solutions, BM Impianti offers the “life line hook“, useful for various maintenance jobs.


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