What’s home automation? home automation is a system of technologies to improve the quality of life. A fully automated system avoids the costs and energy waste due to forgetfulness or malfunction, therefore, efficiency, economy and security are the benefits of home automation!

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A house with a home automation system can be controlled by buttons, remote controls, touch screens and keyboards that allow the user to send and receive information.

In residential is primarily used for the management of air conditioning and the electrical system, adjusting the automatic operation of the plant based on the recognition of the presence of people, by adjusting the temperature, the speed and the relative humidity of the air, switching off automatic, if the windows are open, automatic energy accounting.

In the management of the electrical system, it can independently coordinate the operation of appliances, insulate and protect automatically the house during a storm; power down on command electrical system at night or when no one is home; control and manage lighting.

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