About Us

Bm Impianti snc was founded in 1976 and has as its primary objective the complete satisfaction of its customers regarding the services of design, construction and maintenance electrical and technological systems to 360 °.

The quality of service is guaranteed not only by the professional competence of the staff, from ‘use of solutions and products innovative, that create at the same time, modern safe and functional systems.

The professional expertise adds to deep knowledge and long experience in the normative field, which allows to offer our clients all the solutions to better use their own electrical system, processes for energy efficiency, with completion also every bureaucratic practice.

The result is a company that with seriousness and professionalism guarantees to customers reliability for all its products and all its services.

Bm Impianti operating Segments

Bm impianti makes it a partner of trust in major plant engineering fields:

– Industrial implants, civil and public
– Energy efficiency
– LED lighting and operating renting
– Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic and mini wind
– Anti-theft security systems & CCTV
– Partners and installer of technological anti-theft system PROTECT
– Automation (gates, doors, etc.)
– Home & Building Automation
– Consultancy and technical assistance
– Maintenance installations and industrial machines
– Repair electromechanical
– Resale electrical equipment, electric motors, power tools and electric
– Issuing certificates of conformity

Service Center LOWARA Ltd. and BBC Elettropompe makes it a partner of trust in major plant engineering fields.