Sale and repairs of electric motors, pumps and power tools

At our company, we have a workshop for cutting-edge electro-diagnostics, repair and windings of motors, pumps, tools and electrical equipment of any kind to an alternating current.

Thus was born the new ELETTROTECNICA Metaurense, the business unit that gave birth to 40 years of work, it has now become so important as to require a new fully independent internal organization.

It is an advanced electromechanical workshop for diagnostics, repair and motor windings, pumps, tools and electrical equipment all kinds of alternating current.

With over 40 years of experience in electromechanical and the presence of highly skilled staff in our workshop we are become authorized service center of industry leaders such as Lowara Srl and BBC Elettropompe.

ELETTROTECNICA METAURENSE DI TOMBARI GIUSEPPE – Via Tevere, 10 Tel. 0721875300 – CELL. 3356118449

E.mail:  elettrotecnicametaurense@gmail.com Pec: elettrotecnicametaurense@pec.it 

P.Iva: 02633630419 C.F.TMBGPP54T22H721K